School Snow Days May Be A Thing Of The Past

Updated: Feb 14, 2021

The other day was a snow day for many in the South Jersey and Philadelphia area, and surrounding areas as well. But, it was business as usual. School was open! Normally, if this was in the 70's, even the 80's and 90's, school would be closed, possibly for days depending upon the level of snowfall. The internet however, along with Zoom has turned home into the classroom. So, free snow days, just may be obselete. Now when it snows, expect to have a Zoom day, because school is in session!

The sad part about this, is that the kids can't experience the luxuary of snow days, as our parents and we did. A snow day! That was a big thing. Heck! During those days when I was a kid, when it snowed, it snowed! On a snow day you would see all the kids in the neighborhood; some bundled up, and some wearing socks for gloves, outside building snowmen, making forts, throwing snowballs, and trying to catch a slide on the back of a car, by grabbing onto someone's bumper, like you are on a motorized sled. (If kids are reading this, this is something you do not want to do, because it is not safe). So, please don't try this. I am just reminiscing about the good old days!

Anyway! On snowdays we used to go around shovling snow too! It was a good way to make some extra cash. I guess this too seems to be a thing of the past, but this another story. Sholveling snow was a big thing for us though. My brothers would get an early start securing jobs in the neighborhood, so they could beat the other kids, who were also competeing for the same area. The early bird gets the worm.


Now, I'm speaking of snow days here. I don't want anyone to get confused, and think that kids can't have fun in the snow with friends or family, because a lot of my students told me they went outside to play in the snow later on in the day, and they had fun. Yet, it's not the same as having a snow day or days, so to speak. I remember we were elated when they called a snowday. You got up early to see if your school closing number was called on the news or radio. Our's was 619, that meant Camden Schools were closed. For those who are teachers and work in education, they waited sometimes anxiously for that call from a coworker on the other end saying school is closed for the day!

The last thing I want to say about snow days, is that they are therapeutic. On snow days, people can relax, and slow down. It is a stress releaser, especially for kids! Being confined at home, and the challenges with online learning, has been overwhelming for students, parents, and teachers. Therefore, a snow day can bring some relief from the madness. It gives everyone a chance to cool down and regroup. A day without any worries. Just a fun day and the kids need it! A little something to think about. Should snow days still be awarded to students and teachers? I sure would like to hear your response. What do you think?

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